The Beauty In Destruction

This is a S/S collection.  I wanted to focus on my fascination on contemporary menswear.  The initiation of this project started by looking at iconic menswear jackets such as: the safari jacket, motorcycle jacket, and sports jacket.  I focused on the detailing of the hardware and the placement of the seams and pockets and how they become the strong and main focus of a garment.  I then worked on some draping and fabric manipulations such as smocking, gatherings, and knitting.  I fused these elements along with my concept inspiration of destruction.  As I found different forms of destruction, I placed focus on the concept of there being a form of beauty with in it.  My inspirations came from cracks on walls, peeling of paints, the shatter of glass, the rusting of cooper, the dryness of plants and trees, etc.  My inspirational designers were Yamamoto, Watanabe, Stone Island, and Belstaff.

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